Happiness of getting around

2007-01-01 00-01-52_0052

This was the second small car to come into my life, after the failure of my first marriage and the destruction of my first brand new car ( a Mazda 121) in a very nasty accident, in which the car was totally destroyed after being rear ended by a much bigger company car, while I was attempting to turn, off a highway,  into my workplace.

This was not a very auspicious start for a life with my little blue car. Previously it had belonged to a blended family of seven little adults and the two parents. They knew me, and they had been tempting me with it for a few months. Obviously it was way too small for their demands and they desperately needed to sell it. I already had a car for my two children and myself, and had purchased it from the showroom floor, and it suited my needs perfectly. I had spent 13 years driving a Land Rover around in a very hot climate, with no air conditioning, with animals, and children in the back. Anything which was smaller and I could turn around in one go, plus sit in 20 degree comfort without sweat trickling down my front, and could listen to the radio or any CD I wanted too was absolute heaven.

So when a Blue nurse decided to end my trip to work by not concentrating and piling her company Ford Station wagon into the back of my little Mazda, I was slightly unhappy and almost terrified of driving again. Some very good friends comforted me and I was soon back on the road in a rented tub of a thing that stopped working round the corner from my house, and they had to bring me another one that actually worked.

Eventually a wise go between, organised my friends to on sell the car to me, we negotiated a very agreeable price. I soon got my Insurance payout and then I purchased the Electric Blue Festiva.

My husband has had the same type of situation recently  with a truck that he had fallen in love with. It didn’t have the same type of long history as my Mazda but it was a car he had almost started to play with. It was a white, diesel BT50 ute which he had already taken on a 4 wheel drive with a group of like minded friends and he had kept up with them and was really starting to enjoy his dream car.We had only had it a year after replacing a vehicle which we had ran a business with, this vehicle (a Kia truck) was a work beast and not a car we “enjoyed” it was one that was practical and useful.

So when we got the Mazda BT50, it was mostly used to drive him to drive to and from work, however one drive home he had a micro sleep and almost lost his life and definitely lost his beautiful dream car.

It rolled twice, very near to a dam. He was between vehicles so others watched the whole agonized process, and he had others race down and turn off the engine, one very nice girlfriend of another sat by him, to make sure he was ok. He had crawled out through shattered glass to sit by the truck and sit dazed, amazed that he had all his limbs, and no scratches even from the very terrifying ordeal others had watched him go through.

Hours later I picked him up at the Hospital Emergency Ward, in our first big marital purchase, a lovely British Racing Green Camry, that we had fallen in love with when we pooled our resources and bought a few years before. It was now our one and only vehicle and we fell in love with it all over again, it was safe, reliable and survived side wipe of a rear ender and a few other disasters like a big nasty hailstorm and a minor flood. The key being “survive”.

We finally last week replaced his dream car with a Mitsubishi Pajero and it has been christened Kev ( a play on the number plate) and we rechristened our Camry Kim. We hope that this will be exactly the same history as that cute little Festiva, giving us many happy family hours enjoying four wheel drives, picnics and long trips. Very definitely our lives are very much fashioned by the cars that we drive.

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