New York, New York

This has to be the most amazing and vibrant place – New York. I started this blog about nine months ago when I was sitting in an apartment in the most exciting city in the world, thinking how nice it would be to have my husband here with me. He would have enjoyed being there!

Then almost a year later I can look back on a vibrant and exciting time spent with my two families. Last year became gradually then snowballed into a wonderful year. We travelled extensively, I guess that is what middle aged folks do.  We have celebrated a double 88th birthday for Stephen’s Mum and her twin with the Noesgaard family in New Zealand. Naomi went to NY and Toronto to stay with my eldest daughter, Sophie then later on that month I was single in NY with my eldest daughter and we had a ball, we went to every museum and location that we could fit in to a two week period –  and celebrated her work as a stage manager.

Stephen and myself went to Melbourne via visits to Maureen and Bruce, then Auntie Anne, Jo and Tim. We both enjoyed watching Tim’s row with a team across the Pacific, Jo’s Larapinta run and we had some time with them with food and their new Unit. And just recently they announced their engagement.

We organised a small celebration for my Mum’s 90th birthday, then up to Darwin for a new baby, loving up the family with grand daughter Pippa, the dogs, our grand dogs,  Jess’s Dad Rod, and some family time with Jess and Andrew. Meeting baby Patrick. Meanwhile popping in to Naomi’s church and enjoying her meals and her support at home. See what a diverse bunch they all are…..

We have had some wonderful time with friends in between…..little did I know that this year would have had such a huge diversity of experiences. We hope that this time has made a difference for the special people in our lives – and we have gone a little deeper in our relationship with each other and as we love our Church Community as well, with our God.

Love has got to be simple ….. why do people, their customs, and all manner of life complicate it. “Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth. 7 It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.” Cor 13 vv7-8

Everyone is meant to love everyone else in the sense of friendship. For our close relationship with one person, we choose, or our parents help us, or our friends help us choose one mate for life and we create family from that coupling. And on the story of our family grows.

I never expected my life to be more complex than that, but then I hadn’t explored our family from a generational point of view and I have discovered many more complex relationships and lives. Death doesn’t visit us as often, when it does it is devastating unless it is a parent reaching a ripe old age – then we feel that they have had the opportunity to live a full life.

Exploring our families past has given me a much richer understanding of my own parents – they have had very challenging lives. My father grew up in India, where the Raj was becoming much less relevant, when the division was discussed, and he saw Gandhi in the streets – so he did understand the complexity of the politics. Then returning to the UK – he had to adjust to a much more independent lifestyle – no servants, no need to interpret his needs into another language, different foods, habits and culture to adjust to. Then World War 2 with its demands on England and my father who technically was on call as a former member of the Royal Horse Artillery, Eventually he joined the Commandos, and took part in one of the most iconic events of the British fight for survival, D Day. He fought for a month – survived that and had a break and then went back got to one of the German rivers and was wounded.  Amazing he survived and he never discussed it a lot with us.

He married for love – and that relationship was a very stable one, and a very positive one for all of us. We base our understanding of life love and happiness on our family of origin. Thank goodness Dad was a loving, caring and happy man – I was able to deal with my failed first marriage with a lot more understanding, and recover more completely because my first relationship with my Dad was secure, positive and loving.

This security reflects on my current relationships with my siblings,  and my second husband, and my current family  – I know Dad would have said that “Just relax Moira” “Don’t be so serious all the time”. He always laughed and chided us very sweetly. Here is a picture of him – I always look on him as a very special person -I really think he would have loved New York as much as I did!

fam chris 400dpi_0004
My Dad – one Christmas in the 1990’s








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